Friday, June 26, 2020

I'm bringing back dry embossing

Dry embossing is an old favorite of mine!  I first learned about dry embossing while working at my local scrapbook store, Recollections, years ago.  We stocked Lasting Impressions embossing templates and accessories and I always loved the samples they sent!  I collected many of the templates and even taught classes for awhile.  My local store closed 12 years ago which was when I stopped finding Lasting Impressions locally.  I kept my plates in my stash, only creating things here and there over the years.

card front

Some time last summer I decided to look up Lasting Impressions on social media.  It seemed like they had also been pretty quiet over the last few years.  I checked out their website and found that they had quite a few new templates and cute ideas.  Then, one day, they posted that they would be hosting an online summer camp retreat type class.  I was intrigued and jumped in!

card front

The class kit was wonderful!  Everything was included with enough extras to make plenty more cards from each set.  They included a beautifully printed instruction booklet as well as videos to follow along with.  They created a Facebook group for chatter and sharing projects as well.  Over all, it was just what I was looking for!  I think I created over twenty cards last summer just from this kit!

card front

Since then, Lasting Impressions has been pretty quiet again but I am hoping that now that summer is here we will see another great online summer camp!  I have ordered twice over the year and have been enjoying their products and dry embossing techniques again!  I am glad I kept all my old templates- they feel like new again!

card front

Have you pulled out anything old from your stash recently?  Has it sparked new creativity?


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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Introducing Archie!

corgi puppy

For the last few years we have been wanting to add to our family.  We have wanted to adopt a dog.  We have been keeping our eye out for a little guy or gal to add to our family but didn't really find the perfect fit until recently!  In March, with a little extra time thanks to quarantine, I started getting serious about our adoption.  We decided to look for a corgi pup.  We were lucky enough to know a wonderful corgi named Rocko several years ago who had really made an impression on the girls.  He stayed with us for about a year when they were young and ever since then, they have been corgi crazy!  

It would have been my preferance to find a rescue pup but unfortunatly, after looking for a few years, I realized that probably wasn't going to happen.  We also wanted to get a puppy instead of an older dog so that our kitty would get along with it a little easier.

girls with puppy

We put our name down with a small local breeder for a spring puppy!  We have been so excited ever since!  Luckily we had lots of emails with cute puppy pictures to keep us updated each week.  When we finally met our little guy, it was love at first sight!  Our hearts are so happy!

girl with puppy

We are excited to have the summer to work with baby Archie and watch him grow!  He is so much smaller than I thought he'd be.  Expect lots of puppy pictures on Instagram! 


Monday, June 22, 2020

Has it really been this long?

Hi!  I've always planned on returing to my blog but I am suprised at the date of the last post.  Has it really been almost 4 years?  I will say they have flown by!

In 2016 I began focusing on a new chapter of my life- getting my master's degree in education and becoming an elementary school teacher.  I now have three years under my belt as a fourth/fifth grade teacher and I'm still loving it!  I have been blessed to work in a wonderful school with awesome coworkers and fun kiddos :)  I hope those things never change!  

scrapbook layout

My crafty endeavors have also changed quite a bit since 2016.  I still love card making but my focus has been on other crafts over the last few years.  I have fallen back in love with cross stitching, painting, scrapbooking, and crochet.  Having time at home has been wonderful for rekindling these crafts!

My family is doing well!  My daughters are growing into beautiful and kind young women.  Zoey just finished her freshman year of high school.  She loves music and dying her hair.  Natalie was in seventh grade this year and loves redecorating her room and hanging out with her friends.  Jeremy has been doing well too!  He's been enjoying working at home over the past few months.  We still have our kitty Ali and will be adding a new four-pawed friend soon!

family in car

As a family our love for all things Disney has grown quite a bit over the last few years!  We regularly visit the parks and love planning future trips to Disney properties all over the world.  We can't wait for things to open up again although we won't be planning anything for a bit still.

As I make my return to my blog, I am hoping to reconnect to some old friends and make some new ones in the crafty blogger community!  I am planning on posting regularly over the summer while I am home from work.  This may change during the school year depending on how things go this year- I'm sure you can understand!  Things with schools are so up-in-the-air right now.

cross stitch close up

Content wise I am hoping to share a little bit of everything here!  I am not limiting myself to paper crafts so you might see some stitching, gardening, crochet, and Disney posts along with my cards and scrapbook layouts.  I might throw in some family updates and silly adventure posts as well!

I am excited to see where this goes!

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