Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Card Inspired by Project Runway :)

So last week was the finale of this season of Project Runway!  I loved it!  The outcome was what I was hoping for too- I loved the collection that won!  The concept, the colors, the fringe!!  So cool!

I was inspired to create a couple of cards based on the winning collection but my attempt of stamping fringe did not work out the way I had hoped lol!  Here is one that did turn out though:

I cut a panel of watercolor paper to 4x 5.5".  I watercolored it with black paint, fading the color as I painted up.  I let it dry and then cut the notches at the top with a small hole punch.  I wrapped some orange twine around the top and ended where I wanted the tassel to hang.  I was envisioning this as the back of one of the dresses in the winning collection- wouldn't that be pretty along the shoulder blades?

I created a tassel out of the same twine and adhered it to the card.  I stamped the sentiment with Versamark and embossed it with liquid platinum embossing powder.  It's acting as my jewelry along with the star sequins that matched the powder perfectly!  Hee Hee!

I loved Amanda this season and was a little sad that she lost but I didn't like her final collection as much as I thought I would...  Maybe because it seemed like a toned down version of her.  I'm tacky and loved the crazy quilting and stuff she did!  :)  Are you going to watch the All Star season that's starting this week?  You know I am!  I haven't peeked at who's coming back but I'm hoping some of my old favorites will be on again- it's fun to see what they're up to now, isn't it?

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Elizabeth Price said...

Without even reading the body of the post I know who your inspiration is for your card! I am a HUGE runway fan and have watched every season. This new one with the kids...not so sure about that one. Smiles, Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price said...

Ok, so it's me again with a comment after reading your post! I loved the collection that won too. I also completely agree with you about Amanda and loved her crazy quilted stuff. I am looking forward to seeing Chris March on the All Stars. Smiles again, Ebeth

Tenia Nelson said...


Miriam Prantner said...

Love that great tassel and the black watercoloring, so pretty! I was rooting for Amanda too! I liked her collection, not necessarily her best but I still thought she should have won!

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