Friday, June 26, 2020

I'm bringing back dry embossing

Dry embossing is an old favorite of mine!  I first learned about dry embossing while working at my local scrapbook store, Recollections, years ago.  We stocked Lasting Impressions embossing templates and accessories and I always loved the samples they sent!  I collected many of the templates and even taught classes for awhile.  My local store closed 12 years ago which was when I stopped finding Lasting Impressions locally.  I kept my plates in my stash, only creating things here and there over the years.

card front

Some time last summer I decided to look up Lasting Impressions on social media.  It seemed like they had also been pretty quiet over the last few years.  I checked out their website and found that they had quite a few new templates and cute ideas.  Then, one day, they posted that they would be hosting an online summer camp retreat type class.  I was intrigued and jumped in!

card front

The class kit was wonderful!  Everything was included with enough extras to make plenty more cards from each set.  They included a beautifully printed instruction booklet as well as videos to follow along with.  They created a Facebook group for chatter and sharing projects as well.  Over all, it was just what I was looking for!  I think I created over twenty cards last summer just from this kit!

card front

Since then, Lasting Impressions has been pretty quiet again but I am hoping that now that summer is here we will see another great online summer camp!  I have ordered twice over the year and have been enjoying their products and dry embossing techniques again!  I am glad I kept all my old templates- they feel like new again!

card front

Have you pulled out anything old from your stash recently?  Has it sparked new creativity?


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