Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More from our cross country trip...

We've been enjoying our trip so much! We arrived in Washington State a few weeks ago and have been spending our time camping and visiting friends and relatives all over the state. I love it! Hee! Here are a few pictures from our trip...

Farmland in the Skagit Valley, WA

Desert landscape in Wyoming

Mount Rushmore

My family at the Badlands National Park in South Dakota

Zoey by the prairie lands in South Dakota

Isn't it amazing how beautiful America is? I don't think I truely appreciated our country until this trip. I really loved seeing the rolling praries, mountains, and farmland between the coasts. And the people? We've met so many nice people along the way! Telling us what to do and see... visiting with us like we were old friends... it really has been great!

Up next is my first Stampin' Up Convention! Yahoo!! I'll post my swap cards in the next couple of days and hopefully I can take some pictures of my Artisan Award projects to share with you, too! All of the winners are planning a little blog hop when we get back from convention so don't worry if you aren't going- we should have plenty to share! Hee!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer as much as I am! It truely is one to remember!


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