Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dry Embossing...

Another favorite technique of mine is dry embossing. I love that I can make my own embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages with just paper! I use the templates from Lasting Impressions because they are soo cute! To do dry embossing, you need brass templates, a light box, a stylus, waxed paper and paper to emboss on. You can emboss just about any type of paper but if you are using a heavy cardstock in a dark color, you will have a hard time seeing the template underneath. My favorite paper to use is Die Cuts With a View's cardstock stacks. They are great because they are textured and have a white core. The white core is important because when you sand over the embossed images, the white comes through!

Here is a quick how to...

First turn on your light box. On your lightbox, tape down a template. If it has words, put them upside down so you can't read them. Next, put your paper on top, face side down. Use your waxed paper to rub over the image that is showing through. Use your stylus to trace over the image. You don't have to push too hard- just quick and easy... When you are done, flip over your paper and check out your work! You can leave it as is, sand to bring the white core through, or distress using chalk or ink.

Here are a few examples that I made last weekend:

Supplies Used:

Cardstock: Bazzill; Die Cuts With a View (white core)

Patterned Paper: SEI's Silly Line

Others: Ribbon- American Crafts; Dry Embossing Template- Lasting Impressions #L9569, Polka Dots, and #L9280, Baby Assortment

Dry emboss onsie on white paper, cut out. Dry emboss polka dots on orange paper, star on yellow paper. Sand to bring out white core and then cut out. Cut mats to create background layers. Add ribbon and adhere all the layers together. To pop layers, use dimensional pop dots.


Cardstock: Bazzill, Die Cuts With a View (white core)

Patterned Paper: SEI's Great Aunt Gert Collection

Other: Dry Embossing Templates- Lasting Impressions #L37075, Large Dotted Flower

Dry emboss flower, with out the middle or leaf onto the pink flower. Dry emboss the middle of the flower on tan paper and the leaf on green paper. Sand all pieces and cut out. Leave a tab at the base of the leaf to adhere under the flower. Use the straight side of the template to create a square shape on white cardstock. Cut this out and mat it with green cardstock. Adhere all pieces together, using pop dots where you want to add dimension. I embossed the sentiment straight onto the card base. Instead of sanding, I inked it up a little so you could read it easier. When you are working with wording, remember to put your template upside down, otherwise your words will be backwards!


Cardstock: Stampin' Up! Vanilla

Patterned Paper: Basic Grey's Sugared Line

Other: ribbon, source unknown but I got it at Recollections, Dry embossing template- Lasting Impressions #L9587, Rose

Dry emboss rose in layers on pink paper. If you do it in layers, you can pop it up for a dimensional look. I did two outer petals at the bottom as one layer, the opposite two petals as the second layer, the middle section as the next layer and the bud as the top. Cut each layer out separately, sand and layer. Emboss the petals on green and swirls on brown paper as shown. Sand and cut out leaving tabs to adhere to your rose. Add the patterned paper and ribbon to your card base. I was a little fancy here- I added the dotted paper to the inside of the card and cut a border around the rose on the vanilla cardstock. I also cut the brown paper to create a border on the top side of the rose.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy dry embossing as much as I do!

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Nicole Lang said...

I have often thought about trying dry embossing, but it seems like a lot of work. Maybe you can show me how to do it when you're up this summer? I'm thinking we'll have to get together for a "craft day" when you're in town!

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