Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Cash More Fun to Give...


I hope you are all enjoying the last few days leading up to Christmas! We still have two more days of school and work to get through until our vacation starts but boy are we ready for it!

I wanted to share what I made for my nephews this year. They are older boys so every Christmas I send them money that they can take to the store and buy what they really want with. And, every year I try to come up with a different, fun way to give it to them. I mean, really, how much fun is it to open an envelope? Hee! I think I was pretty clever this year- I came up with this:

Fun, right? I hid the money inside the soap! I love that they'll have to use it to get their money out. Hee! Knowing my nephews though, I'm sure one will figure out a quicker way.

I bought some soap making supplies at Michaels- clear glycerin soap, green dye, and the mold. It was so easy to make- you melt the soap in the microwave, add your dye and stir. Then fill your molds half way and drop in your rolled up money. Let it set for 10 minutes and then fill the rest of the mold over the money. To keep the money safe, I rolled it tightly and put it into a tiny treat baggie and rolled it around the bills. I used a little scotch tape to hold it together but I wish it wasn't so obvious.

To decorate my little money soaps, I picked out these great whistling Santas from this years Cosmo Cricket holiday line- aren't they just perfect for this project? That is where I came up with the name, too- he just looked like he was hiding something! Hee! I punched them out and paired them with the my favorite red patterned paper from Bazzill Basics. I added the cherry cobbler baker's twine and a little tag stamped with holly and each boys' initial; all from Stampin' Up!

These were so fun to make and I hope that my nephews get as much joy out of them as I did! Now to think of something clever for next year...

Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog!



SugarGem said...

OMG this is incredible. I need to do this all year long for the guy we take care of. I am constantly struggling to get him to take showers and wash his hands. He says he gets "a chill" for taking showers. I tell him turn up the heat then. Then he huffs and walks away! He is like a 10year old boy in an adult body. This would for sure get him to use the soap! OMG thank you!

Cindy Major said...

That idea is so awesome!!! Very clever!!! And super cute, too! Thanks for sharing :D

Nerida said...

This is definitely a great fun gift for boys (and girls)... our dollars (in Australia) are plastic coated,so wont need the bag and tape.Thanks!

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