Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Butterfly Gift Set

On Friday of last week my husband came home from work all excited because he got me some work! He signed me up to make a card set for the administrative assistants he adores so much. There are two ladies he wanted to make gift sets for and he told them I'd have 10 cards for each of them! And, they had to be done by today! That's 20 cards in 3 days! And, not just any 3 days... Zoey's birthday was Friday and I had a big class planned on Saturday and had planned on doing my prepwork in the morning. So, really it left me with part of Sunday and Monday to work... I had to come up with something quick! Luckily, in my class, we were making sets of 8 cards so I was able to cut two extra kits and put them together in one evening. Here they are:

Next, I made a cute little box to put them in:

To make this, I measured the envelopes and added a quarter inch on each side. Then I added another inch and a quarter to each side and cut it out. I scored an inch and a quarter in on each side and tabbed the sides so I could fold in into a box. Really, the measuring turned out to be the hardest thing!

I've been trying to get caught up with some projects I needed to finish and should be back to posting regularly soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Tessa - these are gorgeous, simply gorgeous!! These are 2 VERY lucky ladies!!! I love all the details you used ~ like the turned back end of the saying tag!! What an inspiration!!! You certainly were busy this weekend!!

Jess Lundahl said...

Your cards are absolutely breathtaking!! The colors are wonderful. I really need to get some butterflies, and soon.

Lisa Kmiec said...

Your cards are beautiful! The box makes a great presentation.

Karim Gomez said...

beautiful, amazing, and simple!!!! i loved your cards, and the box, is like the cherry over the cake's top CONGRATS!!!

greetings from mexico ÜÜÜÜ

Comeka said...

Beautiful! But I might just have killed my husband for giving me such short notice! LOL

Nancy L. said...

Those are beautiful!

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