Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Dress Forms Card

Good Morning!

We had a great time in Forks yesterday. The drive was so pretty and there was more to see there then I remember as a kid. It was fun!

Today's card is another Artisan Award winner. Here it is:

I am a little busy today and the computer I'm borrowing doesn't seem to like me so I'm going to keep this short and leave out the details for now.

Here is the list of the Artisan Award winners participating in the blog hop:

Heather Van Duker
Elizabeth Price
Renee Ballard
Angela Timms
Jodie Olver
Becky Cowley
Andrea Munro
Richard Garay
Tessa Wise (you are here)

Thanks for stopping by today!



Angela Timms said...

Wow Tessa I have never ever even seen what you did with I think the circles???? and then scored them??? In the curry at the bottom?? So cute. I love this one and love the other one too you made on your blog with this set! Adorable! Glad you are enjoying your trip! Hugs/toodles -Angela

Elizabeth Price said...

Of your cards this was my absolute favorite. I kept going back to your board to see it again. I think the colors are so spot on. Have a very happy vacation, elizabeth

creations by jackie said...

Your card is awesome, I love the dress forms. Very realistic.

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